January 19, 2013, Center for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ)

Please take some time to comment on the proposed “Agenda for the Just Third Way” for a comprehensive set of ideas and systemic reforms that can unite concerned world citizens to promote Peace, Prosperity and Freedom for all members of society in the United States and throughout the world. Here it is:

January 19, 2013


As global society enters the new millennium, we are reaching out to all who are searching for and willing to lead a positive and peaceful Second American Revolution.

Our agenda is fully consistent with the spirit of the original American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Movement bases its agenda and fundamental principles on the largely forgotten Ninth Amendment of the American Constitution. This Amendment subordinates the coercive powers of government to the God-given sovereignty, freedom, dignity and “inalienable rights” of each human person. America’s founders devoted their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” to defend this principle. By reviving popular understanding and support for America’s founding principles our Movement will bring about a new unity among now divided Americans on the politically suppressed issue of who should own and control the future wealth of our nation.

The central feature in the platform of the Just Third Way Movement is its proposed Capital Homestead Act. This act calls for a comprehensive restructuring of America’s economic policies to grow the economy in ways that create a nation of capital owners, citizens who are independent of big government, big business, and big labor for their economic well-being. This Act is based on the Movement’s Just Third Way philosophy. This philosophy embodies a morality, respect for life and human dignity, and sense of the common good that is more just than socialism (which institutionalizes envy) and capitalism (which institutionalizes greed). Because it is based on changing the system for financing future growth to equalize ownership opportunity, Capital Homesteading will lift poor and middle-income Americans, without redistributing existing wealth from today’s tiny ownership elite.

The fundamental right of every person to become an owner is reflected in Article 17 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which reads:

• (1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.

• (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

Through the systemic transfer of economic and money power from government to the citizens under a Capital Homestead Act, the Just Third Way Movement will seek out leaders who are willing to dedicate their lives to serving, teaching, and empowering others. The Just Third Way Movement will recreate from the ground-up the political order envisioned by America’s revolutionary founders of “one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all” or, in Lincoln’s terms, “the last best hope of mankind.”

As a movement respectful of civilization’s most humanizing traditions, the Just Third Way Movement can help overcome the so-called “clash of civilizations” by bringing out the best of all civilizations in their common understanding of justice as a necessary moral framework for peace, freedom, and democracy. America, by launching for itself a peaceful Second American Revolution based on these values, will serve as a model and beacon of hope for every democratic nation seeking a free, just, and life-enhancing future for its citizens.


We, in the spirit of America’s revolutionary founders, all of whom recognized that concentrated power is inherently corrupting, will promote economic democracy as a key to effective political democracy and freedom through the following:

• Promote Economic and Social Justice through the Just Third Way

Consistent with traditional principles of social and economic justice, the agenda of the American Revolutionary Party will build a just market-based model of economic democracy, resting on four policy pillars of the Just Third Way:

1. Democratize Capital Credit and Ownership of Productive Assets, in order to promote full and sustainable production, a life-enhancing environment, affordable shelter, democratic and transparent corporate governance, and rising property incomes for all. The moral omission of every economy on the globe is the indifference of political leaders to exclusionary barriers faced by ordinary citizens and the poor in gaining effective access to capital ownership and capital credit.

2. Limit the Economic Power of the State, in order to end special privileges and monopolies, especially discriminatory access by already wealthy people to the money-creation and credit powers of the Federal Reserve System.

3. Restore Private Property Rights, especially in corporate equity shares, by reversing laws and court decisions that deny capital owners: (a) full voting powers in corporate governance; (b) full transparency over management decisions; and (c) access to full profit distributions. Discriminatory double- and triple-taxation of corporate profits should be ended by full dividend payouts, so that capital incomes will be taxed at the same rates as labor incomes and new capital will be financed by the issuance of new shares to workers and other new owners.

4. Restore Free Markets and Just Trade as the most democratic means to determine just prices, just wages, and just profits. This would eliminate monopolistic, bureaucratic, or other coercive or unjust attempts to substitute centralized control over economic choices for the more democratic, more objective and more efficient laws of supply and demand.

• End Wage and Welfare Slavery through Justice-Based Incomes for All

We will reform American income distribution policy to shift from its present reliance on inflationary wages, job-destroying employer benefits, and incomes dependent on redistributing incomes earned by taxpayers. Instead, we will promote income independence for every citizen by accelerating investment in new productive assets in ways that widely broaden individual capital accumulations and property incomes.

• Expand Capital Ownership through Capital Homesteading

We will enable every man, woman and child from birth to set up a personal Capital Homestead Account at a local bank and receive at least $7,000 of Fed-created, interest-free, and insured capital credit every year throughout their lives. Citizens could invest their Capital Homestead credit in newly issued growth stock of an expanding American private sector, with such credit repayable entirely with future profits derived from the added productiveness of capital assets.

We will reduce Social Security, Medicare and welfare benefits to the extent property incomes from accumulated assets in a citizen’s Capital Homestead Account replace that citizen’s dependency on incomes redistributed from other taxpaying workers and capital owners. This would radically reduce the present value of estimated future deficits for Medicare and Social Security, a mounting burden on future generations now projected at $70 trillion, or a hidden debt of almost $250,000 on each man, woman, and child in America.

• Lift Barriers to Universal Access to Money Power and Broad-
Based Ownership of Newly-Created Capital Assets

We will reactivate Section 13 of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to supply asset-backed currency through the discount windows of each of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks in order to: (a) promote sustainable, non-inflationary regional growth of industry, commerce, and agriculture through Capital Homestead Accounts and (b) de-monopolize the power of money, productive credit and ownership and decentralize that power to every citizen through a local bank as a new right of citizenship. Make each of the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks owned and governed by its regional citizens.

• Create a Radically More Simple and Just Tax System

We will control government spending through a tax system designed to: (a) encourage accelerated rates of investment, sustainable green growth in urban and rural communities, productive jobs, and widespread ownership opportunities; (b) eliminate the double tax on corporate profits and job-destroying Social Security, Medicare, and other payroll taxes; (c) eliminate all taxes below a livable income exemption of $30,000 per adult and $20,000 per dependent; and (d) balance the budget and gradually repay old debt through a single individual income tax rate on all incomes above this line.

We will enable all citizens to report their incomes from all sources on a postal card, while allowing corporations, as with subchapter S corporations, partnerships, and cooperatives, to avoid business income taxes by treating full dividend payouts and other profit-based distributions as business deductions taxable when received at the personal level.
We will provide citizens whose incomes, including from private charity, are below the poverty line, with a monthly voucher check to meet their basic subsistence needs until their Capital Homesteading dividends and labor incomes rise above the poverty level.

• Avoid Concentrations in Wealth Transfers from One Generation to the Next

We will change inheritance and gift taxes to encourage the top 5% of wealth-holders to distribute broadly their capital accumulations from one generation to the next through Capital Homestead Accounts of individual members of their families, workers, teachers, the poor and disabled, and other propertyless citizens. CHA accumulations of recipients over $1 million would be taxed to encourage rich donors to spread out their wealth.


• Offer More Creative and Just Approaches to Global Conflict Resolution

We will promote the Abraham Federation for creating a democratic nation of capital owners as the ultimate check on concentrated power, as a force to marginalize extremists, and as an economic foundation for justice, stability and political democracy in Iraq, Afghanistan, the West Bank/Gaza/Israel, and other world trouble spots.

• Lead the World in Restoring A Fixed and More Just Global Standard for Foreign Currency Exchange Rates to Avoid Wage Arbitrage

We will convene a Second Bretton Woods Conference to promote global monetary policies consistent with principles of the Just Third Way, including adoption of a fixed global monetary standard (beyond the gold standard to the cost of a kilowatt-hour) for adjusting foreign currency exchanges so that they reflect the lowest market labor rates in each country. This will create a level playing field in tradable goods and services and stem the exploitative outsourcing of jobs to low-wage countries and remove pressures for protectionist trade policies that hurt all consumers.

• Expand Global Markets for Commercial Uses of Advanced U.S. Technologies

We will promote open global markets to enable America to sell to developing countries high technology and high-tech services that enhance civilized life for all, particularly in sustainable food production; environmentally friendly Hydrogen-Age fuel cell and solar technologies developed by NASA and other government agencies; advanced information and health technologies; and consulting on Capital Homesteading financing strategies and Justice-Based Management and Governance systems.

• Help Accelerate Third World Development and Debt Relief
We will export the social technologies of the Second American Revolution and Capital Homesteading to all nations to democratize and accelerate economic growth in developing economies, neutralize and marginalize the preachers and teachers of global terrorism, systematize greater transparency to reduce public corruption, and build sustainable Just Third Way economies from the bottom-up.

We will cancel old debt to developing countries that resulted from non-productive projects or that enriched corrupt political leaders and their cronies at the expense of the people.

• Address Global Warming and Stewardship of the Global Environment

We will create a ten-year equivalent of the Marshall Plan or the “Race to the Moon” to conduct research, development, and financing of advanced sustainable energy technologies (many of which have already been developed by NASA and other Federal agencies but have not yet been commercialized) that reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants from continued use of fossil fuels.

We will rapidly reduce America’s dependency on oil and fossil fuels, so that existing reserves will not be depleted before a “safety cushion” is left in the ground to handle future emergencies within an increasingly more fragile and technologically dependent world.

• Transform the United Nations and Global Politics to Spread Economic Democracy as a Pre-Condition for Spreading Political Democracy Globally

We will use America’s superpower status by bringing together a coalition of free and democratic countries supporting the Just Third Way to transform or replace the United Nations as an instrument of global peace through global economic, social and political justice.

• Improve National Security by Winning the War on Global Terrorism

We will strengthen and transform the national security policy of America and its coalition partners by launching, unilaterally or preemptively if necessary, a Just Third Way offensive as the leading edge in the war of ideas, followed by more effective bottom-up assistance from U.S. and international development agencies in delivering a higher level of economic and social justice for poor and underdeveloped countries to eliminate breeding grounds for recruiting extremist religious and other terrorists.

We will limit American military intervention as a last resort in winning the War on Global Terrorism. Instead America should use its superpower military and economic status to lead other nations in advancing world citizen-based global governance bodies and Just Third Way initiatives within all developing countries. We should also supply, unilaterally and preemptively if necessary, all forms of assistance to revolutionary Just Third Way groups struggling to overcome genocidal dictatorships that harbor terroristic threats to global peace.


We, American Revolutionaries of the 21st Century, stand for the preservation of the following social guidelines:

• Discourage Judicial Activism that Threatens a Just Constitutional Order

We will encourage the judiciary to return to the original intent of the founders in interpreting and ruling on the U.S. Constitution and discourage judges from making laws that should be left to elected legislators or to the people by referenda.
We will seek rulings from the Supreme Court that restore the original meaning to the Ninth Amendment and reinstate the rights and powers of the people under natural law principles understood by the founders and pre-existing English common law, including that of universal access to “the means of acquiring and possessing property,” as acknowledged in the Virginia and Massachusetts Declarations of Rights.

• Promote Harmony in the Relationships Between the Moral, Religious and Political Institutions

We will recognize and preserve the historic role of religion in teaching universal moral virtues, deeply rooted in the founding of America as a revolutionary nation. America’s unity, we also reaffirm, was based on the freedom of every person to pursue his own religious and spiritual life within a religiously pluralistic society, with no religious authority put in a position where it could use the coercive powers of the state to infringe on the freedom or spiritual lives of individuals, whether or not they belong to any organized religion.

• Enhance Lifetime Learning Opportunities for all Citizens

Since political democracy assumes and requires educated, informed, and independent thinking citizens, we will create a cultural environment that enhances quality learning opportunities for all citizens at all stages of their lives.

• Fund and Encourage Educational Choice and Responsibility of Parents

We will offer educational vouchers to all families based on the (measured) educational needs of each child, so that the primary responsibility and adequate resources for exercising choice of schooling resides with parents, not with any monopoly of educational services. Teachers, school administrators and teachers’ unions would thus play a supportive and more empowering role in closing the educational opportunity gap in the American educational system.

• Support Private Universal Health Insurance and Reduce Costs of Funding New Medical Advances

We will encourage the private sector to offer universal catastrophic health care insurance, reinforced with health care vouchers for health care insurance for those who cannot afford it, and provide Capital Homesteading capital credit to health plan subscribers and health plan providers – the only two groups with a direct stake in quality health care. With access to low-cost capital credit and direct ownership opportunities, these stakeholders would acquire control and would become co-owners of comprehensive and competitive health care delivery systems. A restoration of power to stakeholders would help restore the sacred relationship between patients and their health providers that has been lost in many of today’s HMOs.

We will condition all taxpayer-supported medical research financing support on royalty-free licensing of all patentable inventions in order to stimulate competition among suppliers and reduce the costs of producing pharmaceuticals and other life-enhancing health technologies.

For additional information, see the following Web sites:

The Center for Economic and Social Justice at
Coalition for Capital Homesteading at
The Global Justice Movement at


  1. and I could find NO one to help me, it was a huge conspiracy, and although I kept beating them on points, the lawyer finally said ;””Your Honor, this must stop, my CLIENTS have PAID over $15,000″” BTW, not only did they take my house, they put a judgement AGAINST ME FOR–DRUMROLL PLEASE—$14,500

  2. “…one nation, under God, … with liberty and justice for all” is lifted from the Pledge of Allegiance written in 1892 and adopted by Congress (without the “under God” in 1942. These words definitel do not represent the goals of our “Founding Fathers” Rarely in History have there been a group of men so devoted to inequality and greed than those who wrote the Constitution of the United States. There is a very good possiblity that in 1789 when the Constitution was ratified Washington was the wealthiewst man in the world.

  3. I too tried to launch peaceful revolution in 2010 by writing the Second Declaration of Independence and the reformed Bill of Rights.

    The end result was a flurry of interest that fizzled out before we could convene a Constitutional Convention, which was the initial objective of the movement.

    As I see it this manifesto is an interesting concept which appears to be a sincere effort but there are position statements within the CESJ manifesto that would appear to contravene the objective of a free, just and economically equitable society.

    “…Capital Homesteading will lift poor and middle-income Americans, without redistributing existing wealth from today’s tiny ownership elite.”

    The above statement is an example of what I am talking about. Without an equitable redistribution of wealth and income nothing in the U.S. is ever going to change. The concentration of wealth is not only harmful in the context of an egalitarian society, it is a toxic condition that cannot be allowed to exist if we are going to maintain economic equilibrium.

    “Restore Free Markets and Just Trade as the most democratic means to determine just prices, just wages, and just profits.”

    This is another example of a statement that is not in harmony with economic equality. So called “free markets” do not exist and as such any truly equitable economic system is going to have to take this immutable law into account. This topic has been discussed at length by recognized experts on the subject such as Joseph Stiglitz and Robert Reich. Economic markets are a creation of man and therefore they must be subject to rules, laws and regulations if they are to function in a balanced and equitable manner. The U.S. health care industry is a good example of why we need regulation of the marketplace. The so called “free trade” movement we have seen come about over the last 30 years is another example of how a lack of regulation is harmful to the economic welfare of certain groups, while allowing others to be enriched.

    We cannot have a truly democratic society, with economic opportunity, justice and freedom for all unless we implement a system that leads to redistribution of wealth and income and uniform regulation of the marketplace.

    We must also consider the need for systemic reform of the political system including massive reform of Congress, the Federal Judiciary; the Executive Branch and the nation’s central banking system. Anything less is a meaningless exercise in futility.

    1. Carson, thank you for your excellent points. Yes, the government’s role should be to set the rules, which includes regulations. We agree. As for redistribution I see that effectively resolved at the time of death and the transfer of estate assets. As a substitute for inheritance and gift taxes, a transfer tax should be imposed on the recipients whose holdings exceed $1 million, thus encouraging the super-rich to spread out their monopoly-sized estates to all members of their family, friends, servants and workers who helped create their fortunes, teachers, health workers, police, other public servants, military veterans, artists, the poor and the disabled.

      We are absent a national discussion of where consumers earn the money to buy products and services and the nature of capital ownership, and instead argue about policies to redistribute income or not to redistribute income. If Americans do not demand that the contenders for the office of the presidency of the United States, the Senate, and the Congress address these issues, we will have wasted the opportunity to steer the American economy in a direction that will broaden affluence. We have adequate resources, adequate knowhow, and adequate manpower to produce general affluence, but we need as a society to properly and efficiently manage these resources while protecting and enhancing the environment so that our productive capital capability is sustainable and renewable. Such issues are the proper concern of government because of the human damage inflicted on our social fabric as well as to economic growth in which every citizen is fairly included in the American dream.

      1. I think this is an excellent plan…I wish you were running for office…I am going to be one of your most loyal followers….my kids are sons and daughters of the American Revolution…direct descendents of Betsy Ross who made the flag….we want this change more then anything…and are prepared to take whatever action is necessary…WE ARE BEHIND YOU GARY….

  4. Sign me up. I have read and I agree with Just Third Way movement. If you can provide the candidates for all upcoming elections, I will vote for every one of them.

  5. I have read and understand the Just Third Way agenda, and I agree with your proposal. Provide candidates in each upcoming election, and you have my vote every time.

  6. If this is going to gain traction and get the idea into the minds of more people… it needs a shorter, simplified version of this (bullet points are ideal) so that it is easier for people with little to no economic education or background to understand.

    Make it easier to grasp the general philosophy and what you want to change, so that someone could easily communicate that to someone else after reading it. That is how you reach your target market here, because that’s what a lot of your target market needs. Short, sweet, and simple.

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